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Limelsa Floor Covering & More, LLC aims to provide the highest standard of service to clients. We are a licensed and full-service home remodeling company in New Rochelle NY. Our expert team is always ready to deliver quality service. We understand the importance of renovating your highly valued home and leave no stone unturned in making it a complete success.  Our team specializes in all kinds of flooring, kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling,  room additions, and more.

For our quality work and reliable service, Limelsa Floor Covering & More, LLC is proud to have a long list of satisfied clients. We believe in transparency and treat our clients with great integrity, honesty, and respect. For us, it is not just a construction or remodeling project. We understand your home is one of yours biggest investment. Keeping this in mind, we are protective of our projects as parents. We give attention to every detail and compete for the project as per your requirement.

Our experienced teams put time and care into all projects. Limelsa Floor Covering & More, LLC has helped hundreds of residents throughout the New York area. We make sure that you fall in love with your home again.


Construction, Remolding, Additions

Basements Refinishing

Exterior & Interior

Kitchen Remodeling

Bath Remodeling


Flooring & Tile

Custom Deck & Porches


Walkways & Sidewalks



Enhance the appearance of your home with durable and aesthetically-pleasing flooring!

Limelsa-Floor Covering & More, LLC offers top-quality flooring installation services. Our flooring technicians are skilled in doing the job. We are trained to install different types of flooring materials as per our client’s need. As one of the best flooring contractors, we assure you of delivering the highest standard of service. We guarantee to give your home the best appeal through proper and efficient flooring installation. Our specialties: Flooring & Tile. (Carpet, Hardwood, Floor, Laminate, Flooring Luxury, Vinyl Tile, Granite.)
There’s a reason that kitchens are the most popular room to remodel: They’re also the most important room in your house. When your kitchen works, you use it—and enjoy cooking, eating, and living in your home even more. We help clients with a range of budgets turn even the most challenging of spaces into convenient, functional, and beautiful centers of their home. We take pride in our ability to provide top-of-the-line  kitchen designs. Our team believes in ensuring that each job is completed on time and within budget.

Get more space in your existing home with a room addition.

Limelsa-Floor Covering & More, LLC provides room addition services for homeowners who want extra room addition, sunroom addition, home game room, home wine cellar addition, or second/ third Story Addition. Our goal is to maximize your space that fits seamlessly with the rest of your home. Adding a new room is often one of the best solutions for getting a more comfortable space in your existing home. If you need an extra room for entertaining guests or family, need a home office to work, then room additions are the right investment.

Get a Well-Designed Bathroom Styled Your Way

Are you looking for a reliable bathroom remodeling service? Limelsa Floor Covering & More, LLC offers professional bathroom remodeling services that assure remarkable transformation. We are the experts in providing top-quality bathroom remodeling services. You can trust us for a full bathroom redesign or small makeovers like a bathroom re-tile. We assure you of a beautifully designed bathroom space as per your imagination. Our experts use the best materials, techniques, and strategies to complete the bathroom remodeling and give you your beautifully remodeled space. Our outstanding client service, incredible craftsmanship, and fully customized designs have made us the top choice. From small adjustments, major bathroom overhaul to contemporary designs, we are efficient in transforming your current bathroom into a space that meets the expectations.

Classic home improvement to create the perfect new space as per your budget and lifestyle!

Classic home improvement to create the perfect new space as per your budget and lifestyle! Are you frustrated with your outdated home and want extra space for your family? Rely on Limelsa-Floor Covering & More, LLC to get top-quality full home remodeling service. We are the experts in creating a space that perfectly fits your needs, style, and dreams precisely.

Allow natural light, warmth, ventilation, and beauty with durable windows and doors!

Do you want to replace your windows & doors? 

Are your current windows & doors worn out and outdated? Do you want to replace your windows & doors by replacing the new ones? Limelsa-Floor Covering & More, LLC provides a windows & doors installation service for homeowners to improve their home’s insulation and decrease electric bills. We can help install new windows & doors that provide you with several benefits. Our window & door replacement services come with your home improvement project, or else it can be performed as a stand-alone service. We provide you with windows & doors that benefit you in every possible way. We help you install energy-efficient windows & doors to keep your home warm during the winter and cool during the summer. 

Our painting services are available for almost any surface in your home.

We have painting solutions that fit your surface’s needs. The painting contractors we partner with offer a wide range of paint types perfect for varying weather conditions, children, pets, high-traffic areas, and more. Each of these paints comes in any shade you could imagine, plus colors you would never consider. When showcasing options to clients, they are often overwhelmed by the number of options available. However, our remodeling experts are able to help you choose the right color for your home. It won’t just fit your personal preference, but also your home’s overall style.

We are here to listen, understand, and work with you to get you the best result for your flooring & kitchen remodeling project.


Limelsa Floor Covering & More, LLC


work with a contractor you can trust

Get a beautiful and unique home or outbuilding that is build to last!

Are you tired of your current home’s outdated look? Do you want to start new on an empty plot of land? Allow Limelsa-Floor Covering & More, LLC to build your new home with our premier home construction service. Leave the job of new construction on us. Working with us can simplify and de-stress your home-building experience. We make sure you make all your housing decision without the headache. Limelsa-Floor Covering & More, LLC  is a trustworthy and experienced home construction company. Our team has expertise in home design and construction. 

Convert your Basements into a beautiful space and fall in love with it!

Limelsa-Floor Covering & More, LLC offers garage renovation services to transform your entire home and reward you with an incredible asset for years to come. Our skilled craftsmen are experts in making the right changes to breathe life into an existing space. Upgrade and Invest to Get the Best Results With us, you can take advantage of an underused Basement and renovate it beautifully. At a fraction of the cost, you could have a beautiful and versatile extra living area for you and your family. Basement renovation is an excellent idea for the long-term investor. Our high-quality renovation adds significant resale value to your home and rewards you long into the future. 

Create an instant curb appeal of your home with a well-designed Walkways & Sidewalks!

Limelsa-Floor Covering & More, LLC offers professional Walkways & Sidewalks design services to increase the value of your home. With us, get a beautiful yard affordably. It is essential to select the right style of Walkways & Sidewalks design. We are here to update the Walkways & Sidewalks of your home and give you the best results. Our experts are always ready to provide you suggestions and give the right options that work well with your Walkways & Sidewalks requirement.

We offer a wide range of Residential Siding such as siding installation, replacement, siding repair, custom siding and inspection.

The siding of your home can come in all types of shapes, sizes, and materials. There is a lot of customization when it comes to choosing your siding. Limelsa-Floor Covering & More, LLC. is happy to work with all types of siding options and offers the best Residential Siding Services in New York . Whether you want us to replace your current siding or change to new materials, our Best Siding Contractors in New York have the experience you need. No matter what type of material you choose for your siding, know you’ll get the best possible protection for your home because our team is installing it. 

Patios and Decks New York Request Service!

Deck or patio are important outdoor structures. They, therefore, needs regular inspection and repairs. The idea is to maintain their elegance and ensuring they’re safe for hosting visitors. Space construction through one of its service has professional carpenters as well as painters who are ready to come to your home and offer you luxury and comfort. Our team of experts are experienced and well trained to take care of your patios and decks.
A deck or patio are vital structures and should never be undervalued and needs to be fixed occasionally. Our company repairs deck boards not to mention other structural problems disrupting your comfort at home.

Drain Cleaning

We focus on unclogging drains.  This type of work requires special equipment and skills.  Because small clogs can become big problems, we stay local.  We know that our response time can be critical and we aim to keep all our scheduled appointments.

Get the Best Masonry Solutions!

Limelsa-Floor Covering & More, LLC offers top-quality Masonry service for homeowners at the most affordable price. We stand behind the quality of our Masonry services. Our expert team always strives to exceed our client's expectations with great dedication and hard work. We aim for 100% client satisfaction. We specialize in residential properties. Limelsa-Floor Covering & More offers the best options for your Masonry needs, like grading, crack sealer, parking lot striping, flagstones, sidewalks, and interlocking pavers. Our goal is to provide the best service possible to build a long-term client relationship.
  • Drains

  • Vinyl & Wood Fence.

  • Siding Installation

  • Masonry

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Our Promise & Our Goal ". We offer our services all over the tri state area

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Flooring & Tile. (Carpet, Hardwood, Floor, Laminate, Flooring Luxury, Vinyl Tile, Granite.)

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Whether you’re renovating a kitchen or a bath or a complete Home, Limelsa Floor Covering & More, is your one-stop shop from design to installation, including the approval process

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